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Series 1 coversDesigned with the basic concepts of the Elise S1 in mind, the shower-cap is minimal in weight and volume and can be fitted in seconds. The cover comes with a storage bag which fits easily behind the driver's seat for easy access; and once on - it looks great!

The qualities of this revolutionary sports car are well catalogued and require no further comment here however, many owners agree that regular use of the car could be improved if certain accessories were available.

The complexities of the existing hood and difficulties in actually getting in and out of the car with the hood in place have caused a number of dilemmas for Elise owners. On days where the weather outlook is dubious and the car may be needed on and off all day, many owners either assemble the hood and run the car with the hood up, or worse still, if the Elise is a second car - it may even be left in the garage.

Elemental set out to design some sort of temporary cover that could be thrown over the cockpit area to protect the interior while the car is parked.

Series 1 coversEarlier generations of sports cars had tonneau covers for this purpose covering the seats and attached to the top of the dashboard, however, the overall design of the Elise prevented this traditional approach. So like the concept of the Elise it has been necessary to disregard previous systems and consider new methods and materials.

The result is the shower-cap designed by elemental to fit quickly and securely over the windcreen and the rollover bar cover. The carefully tailored design compliments the lines of the Elise and fits neatly across the entire windscreen. The cover therefore offers protection against damage by direct sunlight to the car interior. Where the car may be left outdoors in the winter, the shower-cap will fit over the hood and prevent frost forming on the windscreen.

Several owners have used the shower-cap over their hood to guard against leakage around the window.

By examining the fitting instructions supplied with the shower-cap it can be seen how easily the cover can be attached. The simple but unique front fixtures combined with the mirror fasteners provide security at the front and sides while the existing 'keyhole' fixing points for the hood are utilised to secure the rear section. These rear bead and elastic fixings are so lightweight that there is no possibility of damage to the paintwork if the shower-cap is fitted during windy conditions. Full details for the fitting instructions are provided on this web site - click here for details.